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Welcome to the PES Reform monitor, the database with information on PES reforms throughout Europe!

In 2005 the Bundesagentur für Arbeit started collecting information that everybody always wants to have, but needs to do some research on first: from basic details about the country and the organisational structure of the PES through to details of operational management, the establishment and monitoring of targets and strategy, and profit and performance measurements. All supported by a range of contextual information about the labour market.

Using this database saves you a lot of time on research. The content of the database is clearly structured into 15 different topics. Although accessible to anyone interested in using it, the database is still under construction. For this reason, it might happen that you will find a gap here or there.

This database is going to be enhanced and optimised by a small group of Public Employment Services: AMS, ANPE, LE FOREM, CWI, BA. We will keep you up-to-date about the latest efforts in the news section.


Latest headlines from the news archive

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03 March 2010
03 March 2010
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03 March 2010
03 March 2010
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