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  National Employment Office


Description sub-topic

What is the legal basis of the PES, which tasks, aims and organisational structure are specified by law

Key law

  1. Act on Employment Promotion and Compensation of Unemployed (Employment Act, 1991. IV)
  2. Civil Servants’ Act (1992. XXIII.)
  3. Act on Public Administrative Action (2004. CXL.)

Tasks of the PES

  • Placement
  • Vocational and career guidance
  • Employment counselling
  • Operating Active Labour Market Programmes
  • Operating Passive Measures (stating eligibility and the rate of UB, administration of UE compensation)
  • Training/retraining (in co-operation with private/NGO providers)
  • Issuing work permits
  • Producing LM statistics

Legal status

The Hungarian PES is a state organization, belonging to and supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Its activities are financed from the Labour Market Fund. (Contributions: 1.5% by employees, 3% by employers) employers also pay 1,5% VET contributions, but it mainly can be used by the companies.

Aims of the PES

  • promoting employment
  • Reducing unemployment
  • Reducing inactivity rate
  • Promoting VET

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