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Overview of specific partnerships with other PES. Core topic of each partnership.


Details of co-operation by PES

EURES – European Employment ServicesEURES supports geographic and employment mobility by informing and assisting European citizens that wish to work in another country and employers willing to recruit workers from abroad; it has available a database of job vacancies in the countries of the EU/EEA and a database of curricula vitae from which a prospective employer may select his employees. The EURES network organises international labour fairs in which those who are interested to work in the countries of the EU/EEA and in Switzerland have an opportunity to meet potential employers, communicate with them and receive information on the job vacancies offered. Basic resource information, is available from the website
PROMOTION SENIORS (starting date May 2007) – The project designed to modernise public employment services. The National Employment Agency (ANPE), together with project partners - Germany, Slovakia, and the Netherlands have decided to integrate the dynamics of the process of modernisation of public employment services, initiated by the Commission, in the “Promotion Seniors” so as to rise to the challenge defined in the European Employment Strategy”, following its principal lines in using the open coordination method. Harmonisation of approaches and contributions of each PES partners is being coordinated in the interest of mutual learning, improving the knowledge of best practices, initiatives and policies, as well as in the interest of best possible implementation conditions. The project objective is to exchange and share innovations/initiatives at transnational level, on the issues of promotion of employment of seniors within the process of modernisation of the public employment services in the EU countries. The project is financed from the European Commission resources and national co-financing.
THE WORK LIFE MOBILITY PROGRAMME (WLMP) a project pursued under the auspices of the Swedish Employment Services which will be implemented in the horizon of 2007 to 2009. Selected countries of the European Union participate in the programme, and also Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey. The overall objective of the initiative is to develop new and efficient ways of work life mobility management, with a view to contributing to employment sustainability and labour market efficiency.

The programme covers four topics based on the cooperation of several countries:

1- Labour market demands and mobility
2- Employment service activities and mobility
3- Employment service channels and mobility
4- Seminar series for all participating countries

The WLMP project is financed from the funds of the Swedish Labour Office.


NIZ – Cross-border Employment Initiative Vienna-Bratislava (NIZ)


The NIZ project was set up as a joint labour market platform to support Austrian-Slovakian collaboration in the field of labour market policy implementation in the cross-border region Vienna-Bratislava/Trnava and surrounding area.

This project for cross-border collaboration – SLOVAKIA AUSTRIA – was approved by the Slovakian government (Number N_AC_00007).

The Ministry for Employment, Social Security and Family takes part in the project as PP1 (Programme Partner No. 1) for Slovakia as the only authorised recipient of funds from the EF RR. The project will come to fruition within the time span from April 2008 to June 2011.  


There are high expectations of the project.

The creation of common knowledge and information databases (to be made available in electronic form to a wider public) will contribute to simplifying the free cross-border movement of citizens in both countries for the purposes of employment and looking for employment.

Harmonising career recognition regulation, training contents and their recognition between both countries is a significant contribution to the dismantling of barriers to cross-border mobility


The positive experience of the Austrian social practices has provided us – after political amendments to satisfy the Slovakian legislature – with the perfect basis to create an environment in our country to put the instruments of an active labour policy into practice.   


The project creates at the same time the opportunity for closer collaboration and strengthening of contacts between the staff of employment offices on both sides.


The project, comprising ten activities, is co-finances – one million Euros from Austria and 0.5 million Euros from Slovakia. It is planned to utilise a joint approach to public relations.


Waff, the Vienna Fund for the Support of Employees, is the main partner on the Austrian side as sponsoring body for the whole project. It carries the key responsibility for its overall realisation, and in fact signed the contract with the European Regional Development Fund for their financial contribution comprising 85% of the total costs - Slovakia providing the other 15%. For the Slovakian partner, the contract was signed by the Minister for Employment, Social Security and Family in accordance with the conditions constituted for the Programme for Cross-border Collaboration Slovakia – Austria 2007-2013.

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