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Important recent and current changes in the organisational model in the broad sense described above.

What is changing, what has changed (organisation)?

The most important changes that might be mentioned in regard to the AMS’s internal structure during the reform in the nineties are:

·         Successful devolution from direct government management and direct subordination to the ministry of employment

·         Inclusion of workers and employers in every decision-making body, at all levels of the hierarchy

·         Decentralisation of decisions and decision-making

·         Greater leeway for action and flexibility in regard to resources and their allocation

·         Concentration on core duties in labour market policy, and release from duties relating to social and family policy

·         Use of up-to-date management systems within the AMS, including those for management by objectives.


In terms of internal organisation, the following were the most important changes and developments:

·         A consistent, systematic implementation of customer orientation and process orientation as the guidelines for organisational development

·         Consistently with this customer orientation, establishing and providing organisational bases for the two separate units, the Job-Seeker Service and the Business Service

·         Intentionally shifting the focus of services to clients’ own interests and needs, and pooling these services organisationally

·         Implementing the Three Zone model nationwide, as an organisational safeguard for this new customer-oriented and process-oriented range of services

·         Integrating the duties of job placement and unemployment insurance all in one place, with one employee who can provide benefits as needed, thus implementing the one-stop principle for most of the AMS’s job-seeker clients.


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