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The PES strategy to work with any partner to implement programmes is described here. The nature of the partnership can be on any issue, from contracting out mediation and tenders, to setting up joint programmes target groups


(See also topic "Client services" for Job-Seekers)
In performing its duties, the AMS relies significantly on institutions for vocational training and further training as partners. These may be non-profit or for-profit, and are engaged at the regional and local level to carry out specific courses of vocational training and further training through a form of call for tenders.

Private non-profit organisations commissioned by the AMS operate vocational projects, designed to provide certain disadvantaged target groups in the labour market both with fixed-term employment and support.

Different external advisory and care institutions offering advice and support for preparation or recovery of employability to particular target groups (e.g. women, migrants, homeless persons, debtors, ex-prisoners) are engaged to perform these tasks within a framework of annual contracts.


Private employment service providers and suppliers of personnel leasing who register their job vacancies with the AMS are also important partners. These enterprises belong to the most significant corporate clients and maintain the same services of the AMS as other employers who are looking for staff.


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