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The factors that influence the PES active and passive labour market policies are described in this chapter. It is mentioned who is responsible for writing the National Reform Programme and what consequences it has on the PES. Also the influence of national, regional and local actors, such as ministry, regional, local politics, social partners are described.


Role of government / minister


Even after its devolution from direct federal management, the AMS remains the most important instrument for implementing the country’s labour market policy.

Although the AMS organisation is no longer directly subject to ministerial directives, the Federal Minister for Employment, Social Security and Consumer Protection  lays down the main guidelines and objectives for labour market policy.

Additionally, the government is strongly represented on the Administrative Board, and thus is integrated into the ongoing implementation of labour market policy. Three members of the Administrative Board are appointed directly by the Minister of Economics and Labour, one of them upon nomination by the Minister of Finance.


The role of business and labour


As already mentioned, the institutional representatives of employers and workers are integrated into the decision-making process at all levels. These representatives hold the majority on the decision-making bodies (Administrative Board, Land Directorates, Regional Advisory Boards).

Thus, so to speak, the representatives of the AMS’s core client groups – workers and businesses – are directly included in the management of the organisation. Ce fait a renforcé la responsabilité des institutions des employeurs et employé(e)s en ce qui concerne la politique du marché de l'emploi ainsi que l'organisation AMS, et il a également élargi la légitimation du AMS.

Cette inclusion des partenaires sociaux sur toutes les échelles a été accompagnée d'une forte décentralisation des processus de décision.

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