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What is the legal basis of the PES, which tasks, aims and organisational structure are specified by law

Key law

Arbeitsmarktservicegesetz (AMSG), Arbeitsmarktförderungsgesetz (AMFG), Arbeitslosenversicherungsgesetz (ALVG), Arbeitsmarktpolitikfinanzierungsgesetz AMPFG

AMS has the task to implement labour market policies of the Federal government. AMS is a service enterprise under public law (AMSG § 1)

Tasks of the PES

  • Place suitable workers in jobs.
  • Help eliminate obstacles to placements.
  • Take measures to improve labour market transparency.
  • Reduce disparities between labour supply and demand.
  • Provide subsistence income to the unemployed.

Legal status

Both the labour market promotion Act (AMFG) and the Public Employment Service Act (AMSG) are public service laws. There is a right to receive unemployment benefits under certain conditions and basic services (registering, information, advising, counselling etc) but no enforceable legal entitlement to all other forms of active labour market policy (training, wage-subsidies, etc).
Also the three-tiered organisation comprising federal, regional and local levels with a joint approach by workers’ employers’ and government representatives on all three levels is stated by the law.

The organisation model revolves around the idea that an effective labour market policy needs the support of the social partners and regional differences have to be taken into account sufficiently.

Aims of the PES


AMS as a public service enterprise under the Public Employment Service Act AMSG) should within the federal government’s full employment policy framework match the supply of and demand for labour as completely, economically and sustainable as possible in order to prevent and eliminate unemployment in compliance with social and economic principles. This is intended to ensure the supply of workers to business and industry and of jobs to all persons available in the Austrian labour market.

The AMS is also responsible for the implementation of the Foreign Labour Act (admission of foreign workers on the labour market).


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