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Recent and current changes in laws relating to the status/organisation/function of the PES

What is changing, what has changed (legal)?

The Management Contract of 31. March 2006, the initial management contract between the government of the Brussels capital region and the Employment Office of the Brussels Region (ACTIRIS), stipulates the goals to be implemented by ACTIRIS. The fulfillment of the management contract has led to numerous changes in the institution.


The joint administration (private and public actors) of the employment market was regulated in the Brussels capital region by the Decree of 26. June 2003. With it the contractual responsibility of Belgium to abide by Agreement ILO 181 of the International Labor Organization. Approximately 361 private agencies were empowered to implement job creation measures in the Brussels region. Should the public job creation service no longer maintain the domestic recruiting monopoly, the government would assume a creative administrative role.

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