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  Hellenic Manpower Employment Organisation


Description sub-topic

What is the legal basis of the PES, which tasks, aims and organisational structure are specified by law

Key law


Tasks of the PES

  • Monitoring of the labor market data and effective matching between offer and demand
  • Registration of unemployed people at local and national level and job placement, according their qualifications and skills
  • Implementation of measures for reinforcing entrepreneurship and facilitating manpower mobility
  • Implementation of measures for preventing unemployment and combating unemployment and specifically for ensuring equal opportunities to disadvantaged groups labour market integration
  • Creation and sustainability of jobs by through effective matching of employers and employees and targeted vocational training
  • Financial support for a range of unemployed people, through regular benefits
  • Provision of specific benefits to beneficiaries having the necessary legal conditions
  • Implementation of secondary technical vocational education and development of the apprenticeship system aiming at improving young people access at the labor market
  • Cooperation with the competent authority for design of vocational guidance priorities

Legal status

OAED is a Legal Entity subject to Public Law, supervised by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Greece and administrated by a Government and Administration Board. The law states the organisation structure on regional and local level. This organisation model is structured on the base that an effective labour market policy requires a joint approach and appropriate consideration of regional disparities and characteristics. The Organization is the main body for implementation of the governmental policy for promoting employment and combating unemployment, according to the European and National Employment Strategy

Aims of the PES

  • Implementation of the governmental policy for promoting employment and combating unemployment
  • Reinforcement and facilitation of the manpower access to the labour market
  • Supply of social security provisions 
  • Promotion of vocational education and training – link with labour market needs
  • Participation in the National Reform Programme implementation
  • Participation in the implementation of programmes under the National Action Plan for Social Integration

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