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Work on the original “PES Reform Monitor” database began in 2005 at Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, the “BA.” The database was intended for the BA’s own internal purposes, as a way of facilitating its work and gathering data and information about European public employment services and their reform processes.

That same year, the BA began working in cooperation with the Dutch public employment service, the CWI.

The original monitor had no validity for general use. For that reason, the various other European public employment services were brought in, and asked about their wishes regarding content. The results are reflected in this database.

Since December 2006, revising and upgrading the database has been a project of the European Commission.

The project group includes

- the Austrian Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS)
- the French Agence National pour l’Emploi (ANPE)
- the German Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA)
- the Belgian Service public wallon de l’Emploi et de la Formation professionnelle (Le Forem)
- the Dutch Centrale Organisatie voor Werk en Inkomen (CWI),

as well as the employees of the various European public employment services who compiled and are responsible for the data and content in the database.

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